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I am now 63 but my problems started 11 years ago when my left knee just locked in the bent position while I was out walking . I just had to go onto the floor as the pain was excruciating and my leg was locked. After several visits to the Docs I opted for private work to be carried out on my knee as there was a long waiting list (over 6 months).

I had key hole surgery and the specialist removed some floating cartilage. When I came around from the OP the specialist explained to me that all was OK with the procedure except while he had the camera observing his work he could see a significant amount of wear and tear to the ends of my bones as there was no slippy stuff covering my bones and I would be starting with osteoarthritis pretty soon .

Was there a cure?
Doctors cure, painkillers , new body parts

Well I decided there must be something else and another way. I visited health food stores & bought items off the internet which claimed to sort the problem but guess what , NOTHING worked , not even a little bit and by now I had spent loads of ££££££££££ s .
Breaking news I have found for all sufferers
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I have compiled a list of DO’s and DONT’S Especially for you.

You are sure to see an improvement in your mobility and a reduction of pain within 7 to 14 days along with an improved sense of well being.
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My condition was getting worse.

All these things were happening to me .
1. Difficulty getting to sleep with severe knee pain.
2. Difficulty getting dressed , especially socks and shoes.
3. Difficulty in descending stairs , I had to hang onto the bannister with one hand and support myself with my other hand on the wall. More visits to the Docs and even more X-rays for them to say yes it looks to be getting worse
4. Difficulty getting off the sofa and having to stand a while before you can move.
5. Difficulty exiting the car and as above I had to jiggle my legs for a while to get them working.
6. Difficulty walking more than a few paces before having to sit.
7. Severe pain and stiffness from my lower back which gave me a sort of Quazimodo sort of stance ( not very attractive )

Does anything sound familiar?
If it does then click here to read the full story and my solution.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone, most common from middle age onward.

It causes pain and stiffness, especially in the hip, knee, and thumb joints.

What I Offer:

Sleep with ease.
Socks and shoes no problems
Confident in negotiating stairs.
Getting out of chairs.
Exiting the car.
Walk up to about 1/2 a mile without a stop and improving.
Back pain and peculiar stance, gone , only a little stiffness.
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